Steve Bennett Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Vocals / Songwriter Original Member Since 1992 ​Steve has been Singing & playing Guitar since he was young, surrounded by music & jam sessions in the lounge room… learning the basics from his dad & moving on to learning songs & developing his own style… which led him to writing his own songs & starting Ghost Road. Steve’s bag of tunes is very eclectic. He is a true story-teller & his music makes you want to sing & dance. He keeps the rhythm grooves tight and can bend a tasty solo. Steve has also done session work as a rhythm guitarist for touring bands, performs Solo & as a Duo with Beau, as ‘The Bennett Bros’.

Beau Bennett Lead, Rhythm & Slide Guitar / Vocals / Songwriter Origial Member Since 1992 Beau started Singing & playing Guitar when he was young, highly influenced by his dad & big Bro… doing his first pub gigs with Ghost Road as a 15 year old. He has gained much experience playing regular gigs & through his broad musical influences he has developed his own style of ripping out solo's and licks like you’ve never heard, laying down funky grooves & writing tunes that make you want to move. His experience has also led to opportunities teaching music to dis-advantaged teenagers, as a Teacher’s Aide & session work for touring artists. He has also worked as a Sound Engineer for live Shows & Festivals, & at their family’s home Recording Studio, Ghost Road Studios, as well as performing with Steve in the Duo ‘The Bennett Bros’.

Brody Yonon Drums / Percussion Member Since 1995 Brody is the son of a Drummer & has been playing since he was a child. He has played with a variety of bands throughout his career, as a band member & session player. He is very musical & you can hear this in his playing… he lays it down whilst hearing the subtleties in the music. He has been playing with Ghost Road for 16 years & is an essential part of their sound. ​Over the years he has also been a Drum Tutor & Music Store Salesman.

Ben Hardman Bass Guitar ​Member Since 2002 Ben has been playing music since he was a young teenager, starting out on Saxophone playing in school bands. He then started his own band in High School which he fronted singing & playing Sax. A few years later, Ghost Road were looking for a Bass player… Ben decided to learn Bass & got the job. Over the years he played in variety of bands from Jazz to Funk, keeping the groove steady & strong. His musical study & training has also led him to become a Music Tutor & Band Leader/Arranger for School Bands & Ensembles.

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