From the recording Fake Diguise

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(It Will Not) Change a Thing

It’s crazy who you meet, on a late night down the street
A president of a company or someone who is poor
In the hours of the night, the streets it can’t decide
Who is any different or who gets more

The morning will come, can’t remember what you’ve done
I once knew a rich man like you

You want to ride that train, ‘till it bucks you off again
You want to mould your brain ‘till it fits like a glove
You want to scream & shout & go & knock yourself out
It will not change a thing; it will not change a thing
It will not change a thing, it will not change
You know the reasons why

As the time passes by another bottle of wine
Or maybe a feed you found on the floor
Try not to stew, of a friend you once knew
Who sits in his Jacuzzi wanting more

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